There’s always a qualified structure, like ours, behind success.

The corporate governance structure is the expression of the rules and processes for taking decisions in a company. It also provides the structure making decisions on the company’s’ objectives, the means of achieving them, measuring the results obtained.

More generally, Governance embraces company rules, relations, systems and processes through which company authority is exercised and checked. The rules include the laws of the country and internal corporate policies. Relations include all those between the parties involved in the company, like the proprietors, managers, directors, proxy holders, executive officers and auditors, regulatory authorities and the employees and the company in the widest meaning.

Organizzazione GERI HDP

The processes and systems refer to the authority delegation mechanisms, performance measurement, security, reporting and accounting.

The lean decisional structure of the GERI HDP group guarantees that the organisation corresponds to the business priorities, respecting all the stakeholders, and in compliance with the laws of the country and corporate policies.