Credit Check

The prevention service par excellence that stands above the others
The Credit Check is one of the main services for risk prevention and allows the degree of creditworthiness to be checked in real time for residential-type clients, businesses and micro-businesses. You can decide whether to acquire a new client or not and, in the event of a risk, request guarantees.
Elliot has built a Credit Check service, unique of its kind that results from the significant experience on the behaviour of bad payers.

Iban Check

Checking your clients’ IBAN has never been so quick and easy
Pushing your clients to choose the direct debit/SDD as payment method, believing that this guarantees the certainty of collection without a prior check on reliability not only invalidates the benefits but seriously risks prejudicing the final outcome. The IBAN Check provides a real time check on the quality of the IBAN supplied, setting the prevention of non-performance or blocks on the request to activate a direct debit as the main objective through both formal and attribution checks, and also on all the personal data linked to the new user. The IBAN Check service tells you what others can’t. Discover our offer on-line.

Standardisation of Addresses

The importance of having a correct address 
Elliot is able to check the validity of your clients’ addresses, correcting them if necessary and ensuring greater certainty of delivery of the invoices or paper documents that have been sent and those to be sent. The service provides both semi-automatic and individual standardising through the action of a specialised team which is always up-to-date on current standards.

Check and completion of telephone numbers

Always in contact with your clients
Increasing the telephonic availability of your clients is essential to avoid the risk of insolvencies that would otherwise become difficult to manage and therefore resolvable in the future.
The service provides for both a semi-automatic and individual check on the correctness of your clients’ telephone numbers and completion of missing and/or incomplete ones; a special team works carefully to validate and check the exactness of a telephone number or simply provide the missing extension.