Phone Collection

The art of telephone negotiation

The telephone reminder ensures immediacy in the contacts and rapidity in finding the most suitable way to solve the dispute; this is why it’s the most, effective used reminder and recovery tool.
Our phone collection has consolidated experience over time and makes use of continuously updated, cutting edge technological infrastructure.

The service is personalised according to the type of credit to solicit and respects the procedures shared with the principals. Ge.Ri. staff, professionals in credit management, follow opportune ad hoc strategies and are involved in the training courses oriented to improve communication skills, the out-of-court approach and analysis of the legal aspects connected with the business.

Home Collection

Home credit recovery
Use of officials for home debt collection is essential to make the most of the recovery process in the best way, reducing the distance between creditor and debtor.

The method of selection and training of the external officials is carried out with the precise purpose of ensuring reliability, allowing the maximum effectiveness to be obtained in the recovery action after the phone collection stage.
The tax collection network, diffused throughout the country, is able to guarantee timely intervention and is co-ordinated by an internal team specific to its supervision and organisation.


Judicial credit recovery
Ge.Ri. has a specialist team for pre-judicial and judicial work in supporting the credit recovery process carried out on behalf of its principals.

The team intervenes in the management of credit positions that require greater technical-legal knowledge where the counterpart has appointed a lawyer or another qualified contact.

In addition, Ge.Ri. supervises the legal proceedings undertaken on behalf of its clients through the assistance and co-ordination of its network of lawyers.

Business Information

Understanding what to do
Economic analyses to evaluate the creditworthiness of potential clients is an excellent preventive solution to the acquisition of risky clients, harbinger of problems such as late payments, credit losses and consequent negative effects on company results.
Acquiring economic-asset information, making use of the wide range of services offered by Ge.Ri., enables companies to refine their knowledge of clients, protecting themselves from any insolvencies and, moreover, the companies worthy of trust.
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Keeping tracks
Ge.Ri. provides assistance in tracing people or companies that appear to be untraceable or have moved. Tracing is an important tool in supporting credit recovery work - it becomes an effective enhancement of the personal information made available by Ge.Ri. to its clients quickly, accurately and easy to use.
How? By obtaining information such as telephone numbers and/or whereabouts addresses, fully respecting the current laws on the protection of personal data and privacy through a detailed search by qualified staff.