Repayment plans

One step at a time to the end of the agreed plan 
Planning a repayment plan with the user, aided by our experience and sharing with the principal, ensures an optimal result for the collection process with the essential aim of preventing possible insolvencies, a consequence of inadequate monitoring.

Retention Bad Payers

Retrieving a lost client? It can be done
Work on the recovery of users who are in the stage of termination or suspension because of ongoing unresolved arrears. Quick, targeted action can allow not only a part of the users at high risk of abandonment to be retrieved but also the immediate return of most of the liquidity, avoiding the risk of having to resort to debt collection procedures.

Inbound & Outbound

At the service of your customers
This involves the process of multi-channel work managed by Customer & Credit Oriented operators, aimed at both obtaining the payment and handling any claims that don’t enable instant payment.

The service includes standardising the payment method and any migration from one type to another, for example, from credit card to direct debit.

Proof of payment Management

Checking a payment promptly makes all the difference
A dedicated team carefully assesses and records the proof of payment submitted by users in a timely, precise, manner, significantly increasing the level of managerial efficiency and also the satisfaction of both the principal and the user.