Management of undelivered

Every despatch to the right address
An invoice sent to a user which is not delivered and returns to the sender is effectively a possible start of insolvency. Elliot intervenes promptly managing the ‘returned to sender’ document through a multi-channel search and check on the address.
We have a proprietary system which enables this process to be fulfilled semi-automatically and/or individually, allowing an efficient, qualitative process.

Claim Management

Contesting is legitimate, providing the right answer is an obligation
This involves timely management of the claim which has a dual purpose - customer satisfaction and certainty of collection.
Our work is carried out through groups specialised by the commodity sector, trained in the operational methods and legislation which condition the different types of management.


Time is money – why not use it to reduce the collection times of invoices
This involves multi-channel prevention work to be carried out at the issue of the invoice.

The aim is to reduce the collection time, contain the cancellation rate and, at the same time, reduce the percentage of claims.

There is only one focus - collect earlier than usual by ‘taking care of’ and ‘pampering’ the client.