Evaluation suspension/re-activation of service

We do it for you, as if we were you
Managing a possible suspension and a prompt re-activation of supply is essential and doing it in accordance with the rigid regulations set out by the Energy Authority becomes a priority. A specific team-member will monitor the whole process, ensuring the required compliance through a prompt and scrupulous analysis of the debt position of the user concerned.

FID Management

Act immediately to prevent a long series of outstanding payments from the very start 
First Invoice Default - The first invoice issued, the first outstanding payment recorded. Acting at this stage is essential to prevent the risk of fraud, forced sales or outstanding payments arising from disputes which were started, neglected and never resolved from the very start.

Soft Collection

Velvet glove management
A policy of caring in  managing  the call ensures the greatest possible care in conducting a telephone call with a client who is still active and being invoiced with one aim - to ensure that a client is satisfied with the assistance received and doesn’t become an ex-client or, worse still, a debtor.